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Tuesday, 27 June 2023

Disaster funding supports flood damage repair to Hodgson and Burgoigee Creeks

CHANNEL control structures damaged by flooding in December 2018 in Hodgson Creek and adjoining catchments on the Beechworth Plateau will be replaced and repaired with funding received from the Australian Government.

The North East Catchment Management Authority (CMA) has received $210,325 from the inaugural round of the Australian Government’s Disaster Ready Fund to address damage from isolated thunderstorms that delivered more than 200mm in rainfall in less than 24 hours. The funding is matching co-contributions by the Victorian Government and North East CMA.

Manager of Program Implementation with North East CMA, Kelly Behrens, said the project aimed to halt and reverse active streambed incision processes to protect natural, public and private assets.

“This will be achieved through the repair and/or replacement of priority existing grade control structures damaged by the December 2018 flood event,” Ms Behrens said.

“A program of stock exclusion and revegetation will also be implemented for long-term protection of the system.”

Ms Behrens said up to six key grade control structures would be identified by qualified consultants who undertook a review of the 'Hodgson Creek Post 2018 flood event assessment' report (2019) and the 'Burgoigee Creek stream stability assessment' report (2019).

She said structures will be prioritised taking into consideration works recently completed by the Mid Ovens Landcare Network funded by the Murray Darling Healthy Rivers small grants program, and upcoming works funded under the Murray Darling Healthy Rivers Large Grants program.

“The project will also include landholder engagement, with management agreements to be entered into with adjoining landholders for maintenance of fencing and revegetation,” she said.

Ms Behrens said completion of the project would result in increased stability of Hodgson and Burgoigee Creek ensuring enhanced system resilience to future high intensity and more frequent flood events associated with climate change.

“It will ensure long term protection of adjacent public infrastructure (including bridges) and farmland will be provided through flood risk mitigation,” she said.

“This is a great opportunity to further work with landholders and community groups to support and enhance their efforts in riparian restoration and health through their involvement with the project.”


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