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Wednesday, 2 August 2023

Report waterway issues via Survey 123

The North East Catchment Management Authority (CMA) has this week made the transition to Survey 123 from the  existing Snap Send Solve application to support landholders and the public to report waterway related issues.

The enhanced integration of Survey 123 with North East CMA’s internal systems will allow for a more streamlined process.

The Survey 123 app can be accessed on the North East CMA website at (Report waterway issues (necma.vic.gov.au) and can be used to report the following waterway issues:

  • A site of prior CMA investment is damaged or under threat (eg, pile fields, rock beaching)
  • Debris in the waterway impacting of waterway health (eg, tree blocking river)
  • General river health issues.

Please note that issues relating to public infrastructure should be reported directly to the appropriate authority.

Making a report to Survey 123 requires the following information:

  1. Issue location – this will be provided by the device if location permissions are enabled, however please check the location is correct. There is also a search bar where the address can be entered manually.
  2. Issue being reported – erosion, blockage, or waterway health.
  3. Incident details – provide specific information relating to the issue identified. Please include relevant information regarding potential impacts directly upstream and downstream.
  4. Photos of issue – maximum of 5 images can be uploaded with a 10MB limit on file size.
  5. Reporting person details – name and contact details so NECMA can follow up.
  6. Submit report – report will be submitted to NECMA and assessed to see if the issue best fits with another agency or is a CMA issue.

 If any issues are encountered while using Survey 123, please call North East CMA on 1300 216 513 to report the issue directly.

Caption: An example of a site of prior CMA investment reported for damage.


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