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Help for native fish during low flow conditions

4 May 2016

Commonwealth environmental water held in Lake William Hovell and Lake Buffalo are available for release during low flow conditions.

During times of low flow in our waterways, native fish experience reduced habitat and food resources. Commonwealth environmental water is held in water storages in the Ovens system in North East Victoria, and are available during dry conditions or periods of low flow to help ensure that environmental needs are met. This has benefits for our native fish populations, as well as our rivers, streams and waterway ecosystems.

During the Victorian school holidays - the King River (below Lake William Hovell), saw a boost in flows due to the gradual release of the Commonwealth environment water. The released water changed the height of the river and provided greater opportunities for fish movement as well as providing a range of new food resources and habitats for macroinvertebrates.

North East CMA's Environmental Water Resource Officer, Catherine McInerney, said "the increases in macro invertebrates means more food for our fish."

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