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Water Ambassador Building Bright Future for Brolgas in Rutherglen

North East Catchment Management Authority (North East CMA) and North East Water (NEW) are thrilled to announce Jenny Davidson as North East Victoria's Water Ambassador for 2016.

Announcement of the North East Water Ambassador occurs each year on 22nd March, to coincide with the United Nations World Water Day. The theme for World Water Day 2016 is 'water and jobs', focusing on recognising those working with water.

Jenny has contributed significantly to the promotion of water and environmental sustainability in North East Victoria for over 15 years. Jenny's involvement in Landcare, community groups and positions held on advisory committees has seen her become a respected contributor to the protection of natural resources in the region.

Recently Jenny's energy and foresight saw her facilitate two workshops about Brolga's in the region. The workshops highlighted the threatened species' previous distribution, habitat requirements and opportunities for protecting and enhancing Brolga numbers in a productive agricultural landscape.

Jane Young North East CMA's Executive Manager - Leadership and Strategy spoke highly of Jenny's ongoing commitment to water and environmental sustainability through her significant voluntary contributions.

"Jenny's plans to rehabilitate wetlands in the region, to provide suitable and safe habitat for our brolgas, ensures a bright future for this threatened native species", said Ms Young.

"North East Victoria had benefited greatly from Jenny's contributions in the past including as a key proponent on the Swamps Rivers and Ranges committee and various roles held including President of Rutherglen Landcare."

NEW Executive Manager Customer and Community, Ann Telford, said Jenny was well respected for her work in the region, particularly around the Rutherglen area. "Water Ambassador is a fitting title for Jenny as her passion for protecting and enhancing waterways clearly demonstrates", said Ms Telford.

For more information on World Water Day, visit www.unwater.org

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