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Working together to protect Taungurung country

The North East Catchment Management Authority (CMA) has partnered with Parks Victoria and Taungurung Land and Waters Council (TLaWC) to protect and manage Taungurung Country. The project included three days of targeted training on alpine ecology and on-ground weed control on alpine peatland complexes across Mt Buffalo National Park.

Upper Murray fish habitat recovery works video update

Partnerships with local fishers and fishing organisations have been vital to projects supporting the recovery of the habitat and fish stocks in Upper Murray waterways including Cudgewa Creek and Nariel Creek. Two new videos provide an update on both projects.


Cudgewa Creek fishway construction

Construction of a fishway on Cudgewa Creek at Tintaldra has been completed. The Victorian Government is supporting the North East CMA with $3.25 million in funding over two years from 2020-21 through the Government's Capital Stimulus Building Works package to undertake recovery works, including the Cudgewa Creek Fishway project, in response to the 2019-20 Eastern Victorian Bushfires.

Fish recovery in Nariel Creek

Electrofishing has determined the strength of fish recovery in Nariel Creek following the 2020 bushfires. Brown trout, Murray cod and native galaxias were found. The Australian Trout Foundation worked closely with the Victorian Fisheries Authority to restock the area.


Alpine Peatlands: a glimpse into one of Australia's most vulnerable ecosystems

Alpine peatlands, or "bogs" as they are often termed, can be dismissed as just the wet, soggy, spongey areas you generally see scattered along drainage lines in the mountains. In fact, there is a lot of delicate beauty in the congregations of highly specialised plants and the work involved in creating the next generation of mountain soils and rivers. Find out more at this new storymap which provides a great insight into Alpine peatlands.

Click on https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/5f3e1c27f707489796f318ee5c144966

Full details of the program are here https://www.necma.vic.gov.au/Projects/Current-projects/Alpine-Peatlands

Fire safety training assists traditional owners with cultural burning

Twelve Traditional Owners from the Duduroa Dhargal and Bangerang Aboriginal Corporations completed an extensive fire training course in June, aimed at giving them enhanced skills in wildfire suppression and controlled fuel reduction burns.

The training, held over several weekends, helps Traditional Owners meet insurance and administrative requirements for undertaking cultural burning.

What is ESG? Find out more at Wodonga conference

The impact of the global environment, social and governance (ESG) movement is a hot topic with customers, processors, bankers, insurers and investors. Australian agriculture is not immune, so what does that mean for those in the sector?

A conference at La Trobe University in Wodonga on 28 July will offer the opportunity to learn more about what ESG is and what it means now and in the future for all producers, processors and retailers.


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