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Eco Treasure Hunt

ECO TREASURE HUNT - Geocaching & Green Spaces

This challenge is a fun way to get out and about with the whole family, to discover beautiful bushland, community Landcare projects and the best of Wodonga’s green spaces. 

Just like a treasure hunt, use the free geocaching app to search for a hidden ‘cache’ at 4 secret locations. 

You can participate in this self-guided event at any time. Have fun!


GC6WAYA River giants (Wodonga)

Wander along the picturesque Gateway Island walking trail past giant River Red Gums to find this cache. 

GC6WFXB Urban oasis (Wodonga)

This cache is located within Clyde Cameron Reserve, a green oasis amongst the houses of Wodonga.

GC6WV50 Grassy woodlands (West Wodonga)

Enjoy the beautiful box-gum grassy woodland of Federation Hill on the outskirts of Wodonga.

GC6WE6K Furry friends (Baranduda)

This cache is located in the beautiful bushland of Stringybark Reserve.


What is Geocaching?

Watch this 1 minute video to find out how fun & easy geocaching is: CLICK HERE

Get Started

1. Download the FREE Geocaching app on your phone. Search for 'Geoaching' in the AppStore (iPhone) or PlayStore (android) - the app has this logo:

2. Register a Username for yourself or your family and you're ready to go!

3. Click on the Search icon and choose to search by either Location or GC Code

For our Eco Treasure Hunt, we have provided four GC Codes to search for.

How to navigate to a geocache

TIP - Take a pen with you to write in the notebook that's inside each cache.

1. Once you've selected the geocache you wish to find, tap on the map and click Start. A line on the map will show you the direction to the geocache and how far away it is. 

Rotate yourself until the compass needle is centered on the screen - this is the direction of the geocache. 



Or if you prefer, click on the Compass icon to use a traditional style compass.




2. Once you're within about 10 metres of the cache site, click on the geocache name and scroll down to read the Geocache Description. Also click on View Hint to check for any hints!

3. Once you're this close to the hiding spot, you'll need to start hunting around to find the cache.

TIP: Our caches are 400ml clear plastic containers

TIP: Have a think about where YOU would hide a small container at this spot! ... inside logs, tree
hollows, under rocks... 

Psst... Keep an eye out for Muggles! 
A ‘muggle’, in Geocaching terms, is a non-Geocacher, a person not playing the game.

Found it!

Once you've found the cache, write your details in the notebook that's inside the cache, collect/swap a trinket, and click Log Geocache on the app so we know you've found it. 

And be sure to re-hide the cache just as you found it! :)

Download this information as a printable fact sheet (575 KB pdf)