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Flood investigation project extension increases mapping and modelling detail

30 June 2016

North East Catchment Management Authority (North East CMA), Rural City of Wangaratta and Water Technology wish to advise that the Wangaratta Flood Study has been extended for an extra three months to the end of September 2016.

The Wangaratta Flood Investigation has been reviewing and revising current flood mapping for Wangaratta Urban waterways and updating flood intelligence for emergency response.

Extension of the project program has arisen due to longer than expected hydraulic modelling run times which have occurred as a result of the extensive project area. The project area not only includes the Ovens and King Rivers, but also significant waterways including Reedy, Fifteen Mile, One Mile and Three Mile Creeks.

North East CMA Project Officer, Rebecca Damm, said "extending the length of the project will allow us to increase and improve flood mapping detail and as a result, the outcomes of the study will provide better information,"

"The model is very detailed and takes four to five days to run, due to the fine detail scale it is running at" said Ms Damm, "This is giving us excellent refined modelling and improved data for future use."

Community members can access up to date Wangaratta Flood Study results and modelling via an online portal. The portal will continue to be updated throughout the extended study period. To access the portal, please visit http://tinyurl.com/wangfloodmappingportal .

Submissions of photographs and personal experience are welcome from the community. Digital images can be emailed to wangfloodstudy@necma.vic.gov.au along with the name of the photographer and statement providing permission for the image to be freely reproduced.

Community members are also encouraged to contribute their ideas and information for use in the flood study. Anyone wishing to contribute information can call 1300 216 513 or email wangfloodstudy@necma.vic.gov.au

For more info: go to www.necma.vic.gov.au or contact North East CMA Project officer, Rebecca Damm on 1300 216 513

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