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CMA's Actions and Achievements on show

13 December 2017

Victoria’s CMAs have showcased the role they play in protecting and enhancing the state’s land, water and biodiversity through the release of their 2016-17 Actions and Achievements Report.

The Victorian Catchment Management Authorities’ Actions and Achievement Report 2016-17 was released by the Hon Lisa Neville MP yesterday and outlines contributions the 10 CMAs have made to Victoria’s environment, economy and liveability.

CMAs have important roles in the delivery of Victorian and Australian Government environmental policy and programs. CMAs are at the front line of natural resource management and work side by side with communities to ensure Victorians have rivers and landscapes that they love and use.

North East CMA’s region extends across 1.9 million hectares between the Murray River in the north, Victorian Alps in the south and the Warby Ranges in the west. The region is home to 100,000 people, provides 38 per cent of total water to the Murray Darling Basin, and comprises 55 per cent public land.

North East CMA’s CEO Neil McCarthy said in 2016-17 North East CMA delivered environmental projects supported by $5.3 million of Victorian Government, $2.3 million of Australian Government and $0.7 million of partner investment.

Key achievements included:

 ·    Following the October 2016 flood events, North East CMA conducted nine flood Catchment Conversations with flood affected communities. More than 350 flood impacted site assessments were undertaken and we successfully secured $4.507 million in Commonwealth and Victorian government National Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangement funding to assist in flood recovery. Flood recovery works commenced April 2017.

·    Supporting community-led solutions to riparian management of the mid King River. Working alongside the Mid King River Action Group to complete in-stream works – removal of debris blockages, willow management and bank stabilisation – improving channel capacity and river health.

 ·    Implementing the Environmental Works and Measures Program, resulting in completion of two fish passages at Frost Crossing and McQuades Bend in the Warby-Ovens National Park. Detailed design and contract specifications were completed for a further three priority fishway sites in North East Victoria.

 ·    Completing a series of seven NRM Investment Forums which informed the community and agency partners around NRM investment priorities. Developing a detailed investment plan for the implementation of the Regional Catchment Strategy.

·    Successful collaborative applications secured funding under the Victorian Government’s Biodiversity for On-Ground Action program at Chiltern- Mt Pilot, Warby-Ovens National Parks and Upper Murray.

 ·    Supporting 24 people to participate in an Agriculture and Environment Leadership course with Goulburn Broken CMA, Alpine Valley Community Leadership Program and Goulburn Murray Leadership.

Read the report here...

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