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North East Regional Catchment Strategy (RCS) Update

North East Regional Catchment Strategy (RCS) Update

Now is the time to speak up. The North East RCS update process is at a turning point. We are developing outcomes and priorities to address the challenges and opportunities for north east Victoria identified in the Insights Paper, ahead of writing the draft Strategy.

What is the Regional Catchment Strategy?

Established by the Victorian Government to provide a blueprint for natural resource management at a regional level, the Regional Catchment Strategy (RCS) has become much more. The RCS considers how people and place are entwined, what drives change and how we can deal with opportunities and threats to create resilient landscapes in North East Victoria. Priorities, targets, and directions included in the RCS provide an overarching framework to guide natural resource management planning and investment in local government, government agencies and community groups for the next six years.

The Insights Paper is out

The Insights Paper is part of the North East Regional Catchment Strategy (RCS) update process. The Insights Paper summarises our catchment condition, what is changing in the region, and what it means moving forward, including some challenges and opportunities to build a more resilient future for the North East region.

Thank you to everyone who has commented on the Insights Paper. If you didn't get to a workshop, there is still an opportunity to input through the online survey or you could attend a local landscape workshop.

  • The on-line survey is here. It will take approximately 8 minutes to complete and closes on 23 April 2021. 
  • You can read the Insights Paper at this link

Why local landscapes?

Sometimes these goals and priorities are targeted at the regional level and sometimes they are targeted at a more local scale. Because of this the RCS will include a section on local landscapes and for each landscape include a description of the key features, condition, changes, and a vision and outcomes and priority directions that reflect the local communities' priorities and interests.

About the Workshops

These workshops are an opportunity to draw on local catchment plans, the Insights Paper and local knowledge to identify key features, changes and priorities for local Landscapes, ahead of writing the Strategy.

The workshops have been organised around the local landscapes (see map above). They are:

  • Landscape 2 (Upper Murray) at Corryong Library (Corryong Council Customer Service Centre, 76 Hanson Street) - Monday 26 April, 10am - 1pm (including lunch)
  • Landscape 3 (Southern Mountain Valley) and Landscape 1 (Alpine and Forested Parks) at Omeo (CFA Depot meeting room) - Tuesday 4 May, 10am to 12pm, followed by lunch
  • Landscape 4 (Urban and Peri Urban) at Wodonga (venue to be confirmed) - Thursday 29 April, 10am to 1pm
  • Landscape 5 (Central Mountain Valley) and Landscape 1 (Alpine and Forested Parks) at Tallangatta (NECMA Office) - Thursday, 29 April, 3.30pm - 6pm (afternoon tea on arrival)
  • Landscape 6 (Central Mountain Valley) and Landscape 1 (Alpine and Forested Parks) at Bright (Senior Citizens Club) - Saturday, 24 April, 2pm - 4pm
  • Landscape 7 (Riverina and Lower Ovens) at Boorhaman Hall (6007 Boorhaman Rd) - Friday, 30 April, 9.30am - 1pm (including lunch)
  • Landscape 8 (Foothills - mid Ovens and King) at the Milawa Hall (181 Milawa-Bobinawarrah Road, Milawa) - Tuesday, 27 April, 10am - 1pm (including lunch

To help us cater, please register for a workshop here

To stay up to date

You can also stay in touch with the RCS consultations timetable via our Facebook pageInstagram and LinkedIn 

Further information

If you have questions or want to know more, please contact Jane Bateson

Telephone: 1300 216 513

Mobile: 0438 683 984

Email: jane.bateson@necma.vic.gov.au or info@necma.vic.gov.au

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