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The Forestry Explorer tool comprises a series of map and graph based views of likely changes in end of harvest yields associated with anticipated changes in the climate.  The tool presents the likely changes for end of harvest yields for Radiata pine (Pinus radiata).

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End of harvest forestry yields were predicted to increase under 2030 and 2050 climate regimes on average and lower productivity stands. However, increased forest yields are estimated to be at the expense of a predicted large decrease in deep drainage. It needs to be noted that end of harvest yield is not an indication of total productivity or profitability. North East Victoria is not currently at the climate limit for Pinus radiata and thus results will not reflect conditions in more marginal locations (lower rainfall and poorer water holding capacity soils). Given the size of the forestry estate in Victoria, additional more detailed production modelling could be of value to both Hancock Victorian Plantations (HVP) and decision-makers interested in catchment water impacts. Regardless results should be considered preliminary and are subject to significant uncertainty. Predicted yield maps for historic, 2030 and 2050 conditions are available and we encourage you to explore the Spatial Tool.

Of the 20 climate variables selected for presentation in this project, 14 were identified as being of particular interest to cropping farmers.

When you commence using the tool by default, the main map view will always initiate with the top layer in the Displayed Map Theme.  For the Forestry Explorer this will be the modeled end of harvest yields for Pinus radiata.  And the information displayed will be based on the baseline (historic) climate data.  You will be able to change the period (to 2030 or 2050), or select another ‘Displayed Map Theme’. 

Fact Sheet

A Forestry Fact Sheet (in pdf format) can be accessed using the tab below.

Forestry Sector Fact Sheet