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The Horticulture Explorer tool comprises a series of map and graph based views of likely changes in annual crop yields associated with anticipated changes in the climate.  The tool presents the likely changes for annual cherry and chestnut production.

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Horticulture – Cherries and Chestnuts

The Cherry industry, within the North East of Victoria is one of four main cherry growing areas in the State, and is concentrated in the local government areas of Wangaratta and Indigo and a lesser extent Alpine. The majority of growers are in the Warby ranges, Chiltern and Ovens Valley. The industry is characterised by family businesses and production currently is more than 1,500 tonnes. Exports are on the increase, with more than 30% of fresh cherries from the region are exported to China, Hong Kong, Singapore Taiwan and other destinations.

Chestnuts are the most important of the nut industries in North East Victoria, whilst overall nuts are a small industry. The highest volumes of chestnuts nationally are produced in the region, with Alpine Shire producing 70% of the region’s chestnuts and Indigo Shire producing the remaining 30%. Other nut crops in the region include walnuts and hazelnuts. The region has had a long association with nut production and has a combination of climate, water and management skills to support its growth.

Of the 20 climate variables selected for presentation in this project, 17 were identified as being of particular interest to cherry and chestnut growers.

When you commence using the Horticulture Explorer, by default, the main map view will always initiate with the top layer in the map layers window in the left.  For the Horticulture Explorer this will be the modelled annual yield for Cherries – Lapins Variety.  And the information displayed will be based on the baseline (historic) climate data.  You will be able to change the period (to 2030 or 2050), or select another ‘Displayed Map Theme’. 

Fact Sheet

A Horticulture Fact Sheet (in pdf format) can be accessed using the tab below.

Cherries Fact Sheet

Chestnuts Fact Sheet