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Sustainable Agriculture

Further Information about current North East CMA Sustainable Agriculture projects can be found here.

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Sustainable Irrigation

North East Catchment Management Authority are seeking feedback from the community and other stakeholders to guide the renewal of the North East Sustainable Irrigation Plan

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Dung Beetle Information

Dung Beetles are fascinating creatures, with major benefits as one of nature's greatest recyclers helping improve farm production.

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Land management information and contacts

The Regional Landcare Facilitator Project has recently produced a short document providing information to small rural landowners about common land management issues. Topics in the brochure include: Weeds, Pest Animals, Native Plants and Animals, Land Management Information and Resources, Farm Safety Information, Fire Information and a list of key local contacts.

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Food Policy & Strategy Discussion Paper

This discussion paper explores opportunities for local governments in the North East regions of Victoria to develop food policy and strategies that will benefit our communities and environment.

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North East Planting Guide

North East Planting Guide

A vegetable planting guide for the North East region of Victoria.

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Weather Stations

A network of Weather Stations has been established in the region by partners to provide information for farmers.

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Caring For Your Rural Property

Caring for Your Rural Property: Practical guides for improving the health and productivity of your land - produced by Greta Valley Landcare Group.

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News & Events For Sustainable Agriculture

No news or events for Sustainable Agriculture