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North East Catchment River Health Services

Tender now open

The North East Catchment Management Authority (North East CMA) intends to establish a panel of contractors/suppliers based on a schedule of rates across all four sub-catchments and conditions outlined in the tender documents for the supply and delivery of the activities outlined below. The panel time period proposed is until 30 June 2026 with an option to extend if required. Suitably qualified contractors and suppliers are invited to submit a tender to supply one or more of the required activities detailed in the specifications for, one or more sub-catchments, or for all sub-catchments listed above for the stated period. Indigenous enterprises are encouraged to apply.

The North East CMA is inviting contractors and suppliers to submit rates for the following:

  • Supply of plant and equipment.
  • Supply of restoration services (weed management and revegetation).
  • Supply and delivery of native seed/seedlings.
  • Supply and construction of rural fencing.
Author: Kelly

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